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Hi, I’m Jen Wagner

Behind every relatable joke lies a real, solvable problem.

I’m a firm believer that there are ideas for digital products hiding around every corner. Sometimes, we just need to know where to look!

Recently, I realized meme accounts are actually a super productive place to look for product ideas.

Sound weird? Probably. But the truth is, behind just about every relatable joke lies shared pain.

And if that’s the case, alleviation of that pain can come in the form of a relatable solution through products.

Here’s how:

1. Discover the meme

Yes, that means you have to look, but aren’t we kind of doing a lot of that anyway?? Follow industry-related meme accounts and you might just stumble on the perfect one while you’re killing time waiting for your coffee to brew.

That’s actually what happened with this one:

A designer I follow shared this meme and my first thought was, “Oh, that actually has a really easy solution!” 

2. Check the engagement

After discovering this meme, I went to the account page and checked the engagement, and WOAH there was a lot. A lot of people shared the frustration, and there were a lot of other people commenting their solutions. It was helpful, but some of them were still tricky workarounds, and a solution in the form of a quick comment isn’t always the most impactful.

So the reel was born!

3. Share the meme alongside the solution

At this point, I saved the meme and used Loom to screen capture a vertical format tutorial for my Instagram reels.

The result?

A super relatable reel, with an easy solution, that got tons of engagement (27 “OMG THANK YOU” comments, which is a lot for my account!).

Yes, this is content and not a product; but if you compile enough of these tricks over time, you can consolidate them into a guide or mini course you can easily sell!

So if you’re feeling stuck in your search for digital product ideas, use industry-related meme accounts to identify where your audience is experiencing shared pain. Then, craft a solution they can’t resist!

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