Minimalism and soul.
Simplicity and versatility.
Quality and affordability.

You don't have to choose.

In the search for fonts as a freelance designer, oftentimes budgets won't allow for purchasing fonts you truly think are perfect for your client (which leads to compromise, work you don't love, and that sinking feeling that you could have done better).

That's where we're different. As a former designer, Jen is committed to making sure other designers don't have to compromise style and quality for price.

Freelance graphic designer turned letter-obsessed type creator.

Jen Wagner is an independent Nashville-based type designer, offering superior quality typography for both print and digital use. She designs, develops, and publishes sophisticated typefaces with a meticulous attention to detail and a thoughtful consideration for emotional impact and end-use.

What originated as a passion project rooted in Jen’s lifelong fascination with the ability of great design to give meaning to words or marks, quickly transitioned into her full-time focus. The dual perspective she brings to her process is reflected in every letter she forms.


I Believe

A few quality typefaces

are worth a thousand others

Sharing your process

fosters meaningful connection

We can't do it all

on our own

Taking the first leap

is the hardest part


01. My Loves

02. Architecture 

03. Beauty in all forms

04. Meaningful Ritual

05. Dreamy Interiors

Find a font you can

fall in love with

Just a font? No such thing. Fonts are emotional and obsession-worthy. Let's discover your new favorite.