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Perfectly Nineties Family | A 10-Font Nostalgic Serif Family



Say hello to the Perfectly Nineties FAMILY – an expansion on Perfectly Nineties that includes 10 fonts, regular and italic, from Regular weight to Black.

I've started seeing classic, tightly spaced serifs of the 80s & 90s making a comeback, and wanted to create the perfect one for you too!

Perfectly Nineties is a beautifully nostalgic 10-font typeface that looks incredible in both large and small settings as a display and body text.

It's gorgeous used on its own, or paired as you see above with Aguafina Script (free from Google Fonts: )

You'll also get two Photoshop Actions as a bonus that create a vintage magazine print look with the click of a button (see the before/after on the 6th image, 1993) :)

One thing to note about Perfectly Nineties is the letter spacing. It was intentionally spaced for clean reading if you wanted to use it for body type, so I recommend setting the spacing a little tighter for display use (around -10 to -20 should do!).


If you've already bought a Desktop or Web 10k/mo license for the regular Perfectly Nineties, you can upgrade to the family for just $10! Here's how to upgrade if you bought it from my website:
  1. Add the Perfectly Nineties Family to your cart
  2. Enter the email you used to purchase Perfectly Nineties at checkout
  3. Enter promo code FULLHOUSE
  4. See the price drop to $10 and finish your purchase (if you bought a different license, you'll see a respective percentage discount)!
If the promo code says it's not available for you, double check your email or try again in 24 hours (it could be that you purchased Perfectly Nineties sometime yesterday and it hasn't updated your information yet).
If you originally bought Perfectly Nineties from Creative Market, double check your update emails from Creative Market to get the promo code that'll work for you, or email a screenshot of your receipt to and we'll send the code over.



  • Perfectly Nineties Regular, Semibold, Bold, Extrabold, and Black, & their Italic counterparts
  • Numbers & punctuation
  • Foreign language support
  • Bonus: 2 Magazine Print Texture Photoshop Actions




Desktop License Use includes one license, which can be used for:

  • Logos
  • Branding
  • Non-editable Invitations
  • Packaging
  • Products
  • Canva

Desktop License Use does not accommodate:

  • App use or web use where customers can use the font to customize products (i.e. if you're creating an app or site that uses embedded fonts to customize, like Over or
  • Ebook use
  • Downloadable/customizable PDFs
  • Server upload (if you need more than one designer to have access to the files, a separate license needs to be purchased for each designer or person requiring the files)

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