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Cypress | A Classic Ligature Sans


Test out the font!


  • Uppercase letters, numbers, & extended punctuation
  • Non-English support for the international designer
  • 20 ligatures and stylistic alternates for easy customization

I am so excited to finally share a modern, new font that lets you create logos that look totally customized with hardly any effort!

While other fonts require extra work in Illustrator to get a totally custom looking letters (i.e. the extended "Y" in "Cypress" or the "SS" ligature), I wanted to include stylistic alternates and ligatures that help you make your text look totally custom in a snap.

That's why I've included 20 ligatures and stylistic alternates for letters A, J, R, S, and Y (see how they all look in the last sample image!).

Test it out for yourself in the box above!

PLUS - I would love to see what you create! Tag me on Instagram and I'll DM you a promo code for 20% off your next purchase on my site!

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