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Paris | Font Duo + SVG with Extras


Paris is a beautiful font duo featuring a pencil textured SVG script and a condensed all-caps sans.

Create gorgeous invitations, quotes, mood boards, and more with a delicate, realistic pencil script and a bold, minimal sans (in both italic and regular styles). You also get a bonus pack of 16 gold elements to use in your beautiful design work!



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Paris Pencil, an SVG script with the pencil texture built in. SVG fonts currently only work in Photoshop CC 2018 and Illustrator CC 2018, but you can use Paris Script as a solid version in any program. It also includes a whopping 79 ligatures, so your letters will flow more naturally.

Paris Script, a solid version of the SVG script that comes in both TTF and OTF formats. This script looks beautiful and will work in any program. Includes foreign language support. It also includes 79 ligatures, so your letters will flow more naturally.

Paris Sans, an all-caps modern sans serif that is the perfect complement to the script. I love layering the SVG script with this one for quotes, Instagram posts, and more! Includes foreign language support. (TTF & OTF formats)

Paris Sans Slant, an italicized version of the all-caps sans serif. Pairing the script with this variation will help give more movement to your typography. Includes foreign language support. (TTF & OTF formats)

BONUS: 16 High Res Gold Elements! As a bonus, you’ll also get my Gold Textures Pack, which includes 16 high res textures made from real gold paint. And they come in .png format, so they don’t have a background color and look great on top of any photo, light or dark color, or other texture. I really love using these for mood boards.


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But wait, how can I use this font?

Can I use these fonts for my logo?

Yes! You'll need a desktop license to use this font for your logo or other print designs. If you'd like to use the font on your website (outside of a rasterized image), you'll need a web license as well.

What’s the difference between licenses?

Each font license covers different usage situations. For example, a desktop license will cover the functions of most design work (i.e. making logos, print materials, social media promos, etc.).

A web license, however, is needed when you want to use the font on a website (i.e. using a custom font for your website headers). You won't need a web license if you create images with the text that you upload to your site – for example, a logo on a website is just fine with a desktop license because it's an image, not editable type.

An e-pub license is specifically for ebooks, so if you wanted to use a font for your chapter titles and publish the book to Kindle or another ebook format, you'll need an e-pub license.

App licenses are appropriate when you'd like to use the font as non-editable text in an app. Note: this is not a server license, so you cannot use an app license for print-on-demand or customizable design apps (i.e. Canva, Over, etc.).

How many licenses do I need?

You'll need as many licenses as users. So if you work at a design firm where 30 designers on your team will need access to the font, you'll need to purchase 30 of the appropriate license.

Desktop License Use includes one license, which can be used for:

  • Logos
  • Branding
  • Non-editable Invitations
  • Packaging
  • Products
  • Canva

Desktop License Use does not accommodate:

  • App use or web use where customers can use the font to customize products (i.e. if you're creating an app or site that uses embedded fonts to customize, like Over or
  • Ebook use
  • Downloadable/customizable PDFs
  • Server upload (if you need more than one designer to have access to the files, a separate license needs to be purchased for each designer or person requiring the files)

Have a different question or a special use you need a license for?

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