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Ontario | A 4-Layer Font Set


Test out the font!

Ontario is a super playful all-caps font set that is perfect for creating logos, headers, and really modern unique graphics. More narrow than Tokyo, Ontario offers a bit more of a sleek look while also enabling you to create even more stylistic combinations.

This is a set of four separate typefaces. When combined, they create the look featured in the cover image, but can be mixed and matched as shown in the sample images. These files are separate so that you retain full control over your color palette (pretty cool!), and can be altered on top of one another to create the look.

The cover image is layered like this: Outline Offset, Regular, Inline, Outline. The "Principle + Proper" sample is the same, just without the final Outline layer.

Have fun creating cool stuff with this set, my friends! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


  • Ontario Regular (solid)
  • Ontario Outline (outlines the solid)
  • Ontario Outline Offset ("drop shadow" outline)
  • Ontario Inline (creates slender lines within Regular + Outline settings)
  • Numbers + Punctuation

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