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Nineties Headliner | A Bold Nostalgic Sans


Say hello to Nineties Headliner — a bold, nostalgic sans inspired by text-focused magazine ads of the 80s and 90s.

 As the classic, text-focused design of the 80s & 90s is making a comeback, I wanted to create the perfect sans for you to recreate the look!

With both upper and lowercase, Nineties Headliner works beautifully for logos or as primary header text, especially at large scale.

It's gorgeous used on its own, but was literally designed to accompany "Perfectly Nineties" (you'll see them paired together frequently in the images).

Along with the font, you'll also get two Photoshop Actions as a bonus that create a vintage magazine print look with the click of a button (see the before/after on the 8th image, 1993) :)


  • Nineties Headliner (uppercase & lowercase)
  • Numbers & punctuation
  • Foreign language support
  • Bonus: 2 Magazine Print Texture Photoshop Actions


      Standard License Use includes one license, which can be used for:

      • Logos
      • Branding
      • Websites
      • Packaging
      • Products

      Standard License Use does not accommodate:

      • App use
      • Ebook use
      • Downloadable/customizable PDFs
      • Web use where customers can customize products
      • Server upload (if you need more than one designer to have access to the files, a separate license needs to be purchased for each designer or person requiring the files)

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