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Editor's Hand | A Handwritten Notes & Quotes Font


The perfect pair: Check out "Editor's Hand" serif partner in crime, "Editor's Note", here.


  • Uppercase letters, numbers, & extended punctuation
  • 3 sets of letters and 2 sets of numbers that automatically switch to avoid letter patterns (feature works in most desktop programs, including Adobe and Microsoft, but does not work in Canva)
  • Non-English support for the international designer

Say hello to Editor's Hand, perfect for creating handwritten notes, quotes, logos, or just adding a hand-written touch to any project!

This font was literally designed to accompany "Editor's Note" (linked above) to create the feel of an actual magazine editor's notes on a design proof.

While other handwritten fonts have some visible letter patterns, Editor's Hand comes with three sets of letters that automatically alternate, so you don't have to worry about swapping them out yourself!

Note: this feature works in Adobe and most Desktop programs (i.e. Word, Pages, etc.), but does not work in Canva

I hope you love using this font as much as I have! I can't wait to see what you create!


    Desktop License Use includes one license, which can be used for:

    • Logos
    • Branding
    • Non-editable Invitations
    • Packaging
    • Products
    • Canva

    Desktop License Use does not accommodate:

    • App use or web use where customers can use the font to customize products (i.e. if you're creating an app or site that uses embedded fonts to customize, like Over or
    • Ebook use
    • Downloadable/customizable PDFs
    • Server upload (if you need more than one designer to have access to the files, a separate license needs to be purchased for each designer or person requiring the files)

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