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Avanti | A Casual Script in Bold & Thin


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Avanti is a beautiful, casual script adds a custom and organic feel to any design in seconds!

With 122 ligatures, plus alternates for each letter, you can create text that looks totally handwritten rather than like a font.

Simply swap the occasional letter for its alternate (using the glyphs or special characters panel), and turn on your ligatures. :)


  • Uppercase A-Z, lowercase a-z, numbers, punctuation
  • Alternates for each letter so it looks more like custom writing
  • 122 ligatures for a totally handwritten look
  • Central & Eastern European language characters

Use for: Logos, Print Materials, Products, Desktop Programs, Canva (Desktop license), Websites (web license)

Pair with: Violet JW Sans & Runaways


Can I use these fonts for my logo?
Yes! You'll need a desktop license to use this font for your logo or other print designs. If you'd like to use the font on your website (outside of a rasterized image), you'll need a web license as well.

What’s the difference between licenses?
Each license covers different usage situations. For example, a desktop license will cover the functions of most design work (i.e. making logos, print materials, social media promos, etc.).

A web license, however, is needed when you want to use the font on a website (i.e. using a custom font for your website headers). You won't need a web license if you create images with the text that you upload to your site – for example, a logo on a website is just fine with a desktop license because it's an image, not editable type.

An e-pub license is specifically for ebooks, so if you wanted to use a font for your chapter titles and publish the book to Kindle or another ebook format, you'll need an e-pub license.

App licenses are appropriate when you'd like to use the font as non-editable text in an app. Note: this is not a server license, so you cannot use an app license for print-on-demand or customizable design apps (i.e. Canva, Over, etc.).

How many licenses do I need?
You'll need as many licenses as users. So if you work at a design firm where 30 designers on your team will need access to the font, you'll need to purchase 30 of the appropriate license.


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