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Leanne Ford

Custom Font:
Handwriting &
Brush Script


After 10 years of writing everything by hand, Leanne needed some efficiency.

"I'm not kidding when I say I've written everything by hand for the last 10 years."

Leanne's writing has always been a big part of her brand, and while it's provided warmth and depth to her design, it's also been a big time commitment. Any piece of marketing that needed her handwriting over the last decade required her to sit and create it all as needed.

So when the opportunity came to turn her handwriting into fonts that truly looked and felt like her writing, it was an easy decision.

For her handwriting, I started with some pages of Leanne's handwritten notes to capture the organic feel of her writing, and traced over each letter and letter combination to create something that felt 100% like her own writing.

Then, Leanne drew her alphabets with a paintbrush so I could create her brushed script font straight from her lettering.

The end result: a beautiful and easy-to-use pair of fonts that look like they're still done by hand, but without the time investment.

Take a look below!

From Leanne:

Working with Jen Wagner, a true artist, was one of the most inspiring things about working on FEEL FREE magazine! She did such an incredible job, that I truly can't tell her font and my hand writing apart on the page! 

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