JWCo. Brand Typography Guidelines Template – Canva + InDesign



• Canva & InDesign Templates

• Individual type selection pages plus details helping instruct your client how to set each typeface (kerning, spacing, case, etc.)

• Pages to specify sizing for web, mobile, and print

• Mockups to show type in use

• Canva: Customize your colors and fonts with a simple “Change All” in the color palette selector, or find and replace your text and font names

• InDesign: Customize your colors and fonts by editing your Character Styles, or find and replace your text and font names

(Click the magnifying glass on the image to see all the pages cycle through!)

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I’m not a brand designer, but one of the big brand designer woes I’ve seen is when your client uses the type you’ve asked them to, just not quite in the right way.

Maybe the sizing is off, maybe they didn’t get the spacing or alignment right, or even the case isn’t correct.

Either way, it diminishes the power of their visual consistency and dilutes the hard work you put into making sure everything was proportional, intentional, and aligned with their brand.

So I whipped up little Canva & InDesign template addition for your branding guidelines that you send to clients! It has a bit more detail surrounding how to use the type (and space for explaining why you selected that type, or why it should be used that way), in hopes the explanation and extra spelling things out helps keep usage more consistent.

It’s pretty generic since it’s meant to integrate into your own stylized guides rather than be a standalone thing. You can swap out the fonts and colors with your own using the key pages at the beginning, and customize however you want!

You can customize your fonts and colors in a few clicks and be on your merry way!

I hope this helps!! PLEASE let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback – I’d love to incorporate any ideas you have to make this even more helpful!

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