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Sans Serif Font Design Course


Learn the basics of type design and how to create a professional-looking sans serif font, from start to finish.

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Learn to create a totally professional sans serif font for yourself, clients, or even to sell!

An online course for type-obsessed graphic designers, ready to make the leap into creating their own fonts.

In this course, I take you from the basics of type design to creating your own multiple-weight sans serif font – letter by letter, from start to finish!


Coming up empty on your search for type design help? I've been there.

The search for online resources to learn how to design type can be extremely frustrating and disappointing. I know because I've been there!

As a self-taught type designer, I've spent the last 4 years learning through experience what I couldn't find on the internet, and in the process have been able to make a living selling those fonts online! Plus, they've been used by Facebook, Bath & Body Works, Better Homes & Gardens, and more.

I want to teach you, too! I've taken everything I've learned about designing sans serif fonts and take you step by step, letter by letter through designing your own.

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The Course Modules

Join the Sans Serif Font Design course and get access to 18 video lessons that will teach you to create a professional-quality sans serif font in 3 different weights!

Module 1: Intro to Type Design

  • Overview of type styles
  • Elements of type design
  • Type design terms and basics
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Module 2: Intro to Glyphs Mini

  • Adding new letters and characters
  • Using each major tool in the toolbar
  • Using transformations to improve the consistency of your letters

Module 3: Creating a Sans Serif Alphabet

  • Starting with basic forms
  • Building your uppercase + lowercase alphabet
  • Spacing letters

Module 4: Numbers, Punctuation, + Foreign Characters

  • Numbers + punctuation
  • Adding non-English characters

Module 5: Kerning + Finishing, Plus Adding Weights

  • Kerning
  • Finishing + exporting
  • BONUS: Adding weights

Bonus: Designing Sample Images

  • Elements of great sample images for Creative Market
  • Sample image creation time lapse

Join now, and get instant access

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Sans Serif Font Course

  • 18 Video Lessons
  • Free Lifetime Updates (Pay Once, Get Future Updates & New Lessons for Free!)
  • Access to the Students-Only Facebook Group with Myself and your Peers!
  • Bonus Section on Creating Sample Images to Help Sell your Font Online


Are the lessons in the course pre-recorded?

Yes! Every lesson is pre-recorded so you can learn at your own pace, without having to show up at a specific time. Just log in, visit the course page, and watch as you're able to make time!

Will I need to purchase anything once I'm in the course?

Kind of. Glyphs Mini is the software we'll be using for this course, and it comes with a free 30-day trial. After that, it's $49. I recommend waiting to download the free trial until you're ready to sit down and start the course so you get the most amount of time possible with the free version.

What if I use a PC – will Glyphs Mini work for me?

Unfortunately, Glyphs Mini only works for Macs – BUT there is another affordable software called Font Creator that works well for PC users. You may experience a bit of a learning curve as the course is not taught in that software, but the same principles of type design and letter-building will apply.

What will I need to watch the lessons in the course?

To watch the lessons, you'll need internet access and access to Vimeo (some countries restrict Vimeo as a platform). Then, you can access the course on any device!

Do I need to have design experience to take this course?

While not totally necessary, I recommend you have some experience with typography and drawing vectors (or drawing with the Pen tool in programs like Photoshop or Illustrator) as the learning process will be a little faster for you.

Can I ask questions or get feedback?

Yes! That is what the Facebook group is for – you'll be able to ask questions and get feedback from myself and your peers when you join.

Watch the course intro!


Create your own sans serif font


Sign up for the course

After purchasing the course, you'll get an email with the link to the private course page and Facebook group. You will need to have an account on my site to access the course, using the email you used to purchase.


Purchase + install Glyphs Mini on your Mac

Click here to purchase Glyphs Mini or get your free 30-day trial!


Make a professional sans serif font at your own pace

Follow along from letter to letter as we create a sans serif font together. You can either create a similar font, or use the principles to create your own variation!