Jen Wagner Co.

Foundation Makeup Textures



  • 15 brush strokes in Honey in PNG format (300 dpi)
  • 15 brush strokes in Mocha in PNG format (300 dpi)
  • 17 brush strokes in Porcelain in PNG format (300 dpi)
  • 6 pre-made arrangements in PNG (transparent background), & PSD format (146 dpi)

These foundation makeup textures are all hand-painted and photographed, then removed from their backgrounds to create an easy-to-use pack for your beauty blog, Instagram, Pinterest, and more!

These look best when used for digital goods (think Instagram posts, website accents, blog posts, etc.). They needed to be photographed instead of scanned to get all the natural light texture, so they aren't as high resolution as scans would be (but they're much prettier!). Since they're not huge files, I recommend using them for just digital projects.

This pack comes with 47 total foundation brush stroke images (15 in each color – honey, mocha, and porcelain) in png format, so you don't have to worry getting rid of any background color!

It also includes 6 pre-made arrangements designed to make creating your next blog post cover or website update a total breeze (see sample image 8 for all the arrangements!).**

I can't wait to see how you use these beautiful brush stroke textures!

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