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Digital Product Manual

Digital Product Manual


Learn how I expanded my creativity and found financial freedom by turning unused projects on my hard drive into products that can be sold over and over again.


An online business course to help you build an income stream that doesn’t count on a time card or client list.

Take work you’re already creating, turn it into residual income, and be free to do the work you really love.


Discover a new way for creatives to earn income apart from client work.

Building a new income stream doesn't just happen – you'll need a plan and structure to start and grow. This course will help you:

  • Change how you think about earning income
  • Brainstorm products you already know how to create
  • Figure out where you can sell your products
  • Use data to strategically create products that sell
  • Develop your brand language
  • Structure + optimize your website
  • Use email funnels to build a list + make sales without feeling salesy
  • Use data to run ads that don’t lose money
  • Create custom ad audiences + traffic ads on Facebook + Pinterest
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Every creative deserves to do the work that brings them to life.


  • Client work is what pays the bills
  • You can’t get more free time without increasing your hourly rate
  • Your dream project requires funding, which means working more hours to pay for it
  • You can’t find a way off the treadmill, continually hoping the next big project will give you more freedom to do what you love
  • You have no idea where to start

The Digital Product Manual has everything you need to jump off the treadmill and create a stream of income that isn’t proportional to your time.


A masterclass in creating scalable income through selling digital products.

For years, I was frustrated with freelance work as a designer. I was tired of feeling like to grow as a business, I had to take on more client work (exhausting) or increase my rate (terrifying). Then, I discovered the magic of selling digital products – you can take work you already know how to create, package it to help other creatives speed up their workflow, and sell it over and over again without having to increase your output.

Eventually, this new income stream helped me move beyond the freelance model, so I could quit taking freelance work entirely and focus solely on creating products that make it easy for creatives to create. Now, after spending years learning the ins and outs of this new business model, I’ve structured everything that’s helped start and grow my business into an e-course so you can learn, too.

When you register for the Digital Product Manual, you get access to 23 video lessons, a 75-page workbook to guide you through and help you take action, and a private Facebook group to keep developing with myself and your peers. Just go through the course, take action on what you’ve learned, and you’ll be on your way to getting more free from your freelance job.

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Watch the first module of the course!

This course is perfect for anyone who is:

  • A designer, illustrator, filmmaker, or other visual creative
  • Tired of the hourly grind
  • Frustrated with client work
  • Overwhelmed with the idea of growing their income
  • Motivated to follow through and apply their learning
  • Persistent and willing to try, fail, and try again


Build a business that's not attached to your time card or client list


Sign up for the course

When you register, you'll receive an email with the private course link where you can access everything on-demand!


Use the PDF workbook to follow through the 6 modules

Take action on the course material by downloading the workbook and following along through each module.


Break away from the hourly grind

Use what you've learned to launch your digital products and create an income stream that can scale apart from your hourly rate!

*I need to be very clear – this is not a silver bullet. This, just like any other business, will require hard work and time. It will require trying and failing and being willing to get back up and try again. But, in mine and many other creatives' experiences, the rewards far outweigh the risks.

Each module builds on the last, taking you all the way from starting something new to scaling what you've built.

Module 1: Change your Mentality

Most of our working time as creatives is spent trading hours for dollars, feeling like we can't scale our income unless we work more or charge more.

But things are changing. When you cut the tie between hours and income, your growth potential becomes limitless, and you have more time to create what you want.

That's the magic of selling digital products.

And the start? It's may already be on your hard drive.

Watch the first module

Module 2: Make + Launch your First Product

This is all great, but how am I supposed to find the time to do all of this on top of my other job(s)? And how can I sell something if I don't even have my own website?

• Finding time + where to start
• Organize + structure your products to improve your customer's experience
• Prep your products for sale with sample images, titles, and descriptions
• Sell your products on existing marketplaces with existing traffic

Module 3: Use Data to Make Products that Sell

How do I know people will even want to buy my products?

• Collect and use audience data to figure out what your people want to see
• Collect and use sales data to help you create higher-converting products
• Collect and use public data to brainstorm new products that the market will want

Module 4: Create a Website that Converts

Ready to totally own your audience? It's time to start selling on your own website.

• Find the web platform that will work best for what you need
• Develop your brand language to clearly communicate to your audience
• Use your brand language to structure your website and sales pages
• Turn your website into a well-oiled machine that is prepared for growth
• Use email funnels to engage your audience and drive them to buy


How do I start scaling what I've worked so hard to establish?

• Intro to digital advertising
• Use data to figure out which products to promote
• Design and write copy for your ads
• Use Facebook ads to create targeted ads to targeted audiences
• Use Pinterest ads to catch creatives while they're inspired


How will I know this is actually going to work?

Well the hard truth is, you don't! But there are six major practices I've found to be consistent with my own and other successful digital products businesses that we'll dive into. If you find your shop or business isn't performing well, odds are you're missing one of these!


With this course, you'll get lifetime access to:

  • All 23 video lessons walking you through how to create + scale your residual income stream
  • A downloadable 75-page workbook with actionable steps for each module
  • A VIP private Facebook group with myself and your peers!
  • Bonus: The original Digital Product Manual PDF – an in-depth, 40,000-word resource guide with even more help

Frequently asked questions:

Earnings Disclaimer:
Any income discussed on my site, ads, and in the course are my personal results. I cannot and will not guarantee that you can replicate my results with these methods. This, like any business, takes a lot of hard work, consistency, and risk. It takes being good at your craft and having the right combination of skill, marketing know-how, and sometimes just being in the right place at the right time. A massive help has been my marketing degree and 11 years of experience starting (and failing) my own businesses. Your results will vary based on your own experience, work ethic, skill level, education, perceptiveness, action, and more.
If you are unwilling to accept that this requires consistent, hard work and still runs the risk of not making money, please do not sign up for this course.