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My name is Jen Wagner, and I'm a designer of all types based in Nashville, TN. I married this handsome guy named Aaron, who is my high-school sweetheart and the greatest human on the planet.

I started designing fonts three years ago after a pretty terrible 7-month-long freelance dry spell (and all the freelancers said HEY-OH!). Aaron, after many months of patiently waiting for me to figure out what I wanted to do, kindly suggested this:

stop worrying about making money and do something that interests you

Pretty great advice, right? He bore all the financial weight for almost a year, and still asked me to stop stressing about my contribution. I can’t believe he’s even real. Anyway, I had always loved typography and was curious about trying my hand at designing fonts – and, well, the rest is history!

What you see now most definitely didn’t happen overnight, and it has certainly not been easy. But it’s grown over time into a business that helps fund our dreams of traveling the world and touring with Aaron’s band, Veaux, and I am beyond grateful!

That conversation with Aaron was the turning point for me and my career. I guess I was my own biggest barrier to figuring out what I wanted to do.

But that conversation propelled me from overthinking everything to just starting, just creating. And that changed everything.

I was waiting for everything to be perfect, or even profitable, and hated everything I did in the process. Sometimes the best solution for your stuck-ness or wherever you’re at is to just make something.

My goal is to provide design resources and e-courses to help you start.

Start your dream today, not once everything is perfect. You'll always wish you had started sooner!