Behind the Font: Sailing Club

There are certain articles of clothing that will always have a special place in my heart.
My dad had a Newport, Rhode Island sweatshirt as we were growing up that was his go-to for painting, work around the house, travel — basically anything that required comfort and utility.
I loved that sweatshirt so much that he gave it to me for Christmas one year and I straight up cried haha. Paint stains, holes, weathering on the collar – all hallmarks of a life well-loved and journeyed, alongside the comfort of the familiar.
That's the feeling that inspired Sailing Club.
It wasn't until I went to a museum with my husband that I found the perfect starting point — this old “United States” text you see below from a songbook from the 1800s.
Sailing Club serif inspiration
It perfectly fit the condensed, nostalgic vibe I'd been looking to capture, and had a limited enough character set to reference as a type revival to start, but not enough to be a pure revival through and through.
(A type revival is the recreating of type from over 100 years ago; for example, the many versions of Garamond you see out there are revivals of Claude Garamond's type design from the 16th century)
So I started with referencing the uppercase of “United States”, and the rest was up to the imagination.
The lowercase is where you'll find most of the character and nuance in any font out there, so it was fun to have the creative freedom to start from scratch there.
One of my favorite characters ended up being this lowercase “e”. The flatness of the interior curve and the high, swoopy tail to finish made for a vintage but still playful feeling that's echoed in the “c” and “t”. 
Sailing Club serif lowercase e Jen Wagner Co.
The nostalgic positioning of Sailing Club was further inspired by how fashion icons styled these sweatshirts back in the day as well as recently (see some references below).
Princess Diana was regularly seen sporting them with a pair of bike shorts and a chic handbag, and the look has been resurrected by recent style icons like Hailey Bieber and more.
It's hard to quantify, but it's a style that just makes you feel, and I really love that.
So, naturally, my preferred method of capturing that feeling with Sailing Club has been using all-caps as regularly as possible, and the lowercase for body text or subtitles that didn't need to be so attention-grabbing (the italic might be my favorite actually).
It was an absolute blast to create, and I'm totally obsessed with the outcome! It feels nostalgic enough to use for vintage-inspired looks, but also timeless enough to use for modern designs.
Anyway, I hope you love using Sailing Club for your projects :) Click here to try out the type tester and grab a license!
Sailing Club serif inspiration Princess Diana Hailey Bieber Vintage Sweatshirts Jen Wagner Co

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