Behind the Font: Promenade

It started with a pen.
A 6.0mm Pilot Parallel pen, to be exact!
A few weeks ago, I spent a portion of my day practicing drawing type with a flat nib calligraphy when suddenly, I stumbled on this “a” and fell in love.
From there, Promenade was born!
Promenade serif font Jen wagner co. calligraphy
I hadn't attempted to start a typeface strictly from a calligraphy pen before, but boy did that “a” inspire me to get going!
I used the shoulder of the “a” – how it sweeps up and comes straight back down – to inform the behavior of similar characters like h, n, m, and u, and continued sketching other more complex letters like the “o”, “g”, and more to get a feel for how the pen would truly behave.
Creating typefaces completely digitally can be a huge blessing, but it's also really easy for the forms to stop following the true behavior of the tool (in this case, a flat nib pen).
That's where the sketching comes in.
Promenade serif jen wagner co. calligraphy font
I'll be honest, I didn't sketch every character from scratch; however, I did work out the more complex forms on paper so I'd have an idea of how to keep them as authentic as possible (as you can see above and below).
promenade serif jen wagner co. calligraphy font
I'm certainly no expert at drawing forms with a pen, but you don't have to be for it to be helpful!
I continued the process through to the italic, and the result was a smooth, delicate, luxe roman and italic set that flows effortlessly. The italic may actually be my favorite of the two :)
You can see the sketch before/after in the black & white image below!
Promenade calligraphy serif font samples jen wagner co.
I truly hope you enjoy creating with Promenade as much as I have! She's pretty special! 😍

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